Popular restaurant opens at night with exclusive menu

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January 29, 2018

Popular restaurant opens at night with exclusive menu

Restaurants are places which have a French etymology. Restaurants in the earlier times, were

the replica of modern day inns or eateries we have today. In the earlier days, restaurants were these places where the people gathered to have a gala time and to celebrate social events. There are evidences of restaurants being there in the Roman era. In those pre biblical times, restaurants, were known by the name ‘ Thermopolis’.  They were famous for having seats made of stones.

With the passage of time, restaurants became more systematic in nature. The food started being prepared more hygienically, and efficiently and they started being served in an organised manner.

Restaurants in the Victorian era were direct copies of the French ones. The British spread this restaurant culture wherever they went. India, too, was one of the country where the hospitality industry firmed its roots.

Restaurants, since then, have become quite popular with the masses as well as the classes in India. Restaurants, are not just plain-jane eateries anymore. They serve as popular junction for organizing all kinds of social events, kitty parties, birthday parties, etc. These restaurants not only offer some delectable platters, but the ambiance is also pleasant. Good food accompanied by some foot tapping music account for a pleasurable eating experience.

One such restaurant which is worthy of mention is…The Classroom at sector 29 in Gurgaon. Great food,   alcohol, and absolutely amicable atmosphere,…The Classroom is classy and impeccable at every sense of the word.

So, if you are planning the night out and want to guzzle your favorite brand of cocktail, and gorge on some fabulous food, The Classroom is a perfect pick. The choice of connoisseurs, ‘The Classroom’ is the destination to be , this party season.  Raise a toast at ” THE CLASSROOM

For more info visit us:- http://theclassroombrewery.com/


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