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January 18, 2018
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January 29, 2018

Beer for all seasons

Wine and beer are something that have been considered the drinks of the divine. Even Lord Jesus has been shown enjoying  wine with his disciples during the last supper.

Talking of Beer… fleshy Saint Martin Beer with sunshine  is something which has been enjoyed since generations.

This is one beer that has legends behind it. In the XIth century, Tourney was one city which had only 10,000  inhabitants. A canon called Odon d’Orleans found a new place to pray here. This place of silent prayer and meditation was St. Martin’s Abbey.

In 1096, the bishop there gave the monks of St. Martin the right to brew and this led to invention of St. Martin beer. People discovered that during the time when cholera and plague reigned, this was one beer that was better than water. And hence people preferred a St.Martin than water.

Beer per say is one thing that is made by fermentation of wheat. Beer is one thing that has been consumed since time immemorial. Brewed beer is creation  of beer by steeping starch and fermenting the sweet liquid with the help of yeast.

Brewing of beer is something that has been practiced by past civilizations. Brewing is a process which was practiced in the great Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations. In fact, in Mesopotamia, breweries were the only thing that were accepted by society and considered to be protected by gods and deities.

Since the earlier times. Beer continues to hold a position in today’s society. Beer is something that is considered to be the toast of any party.


There are number of restaurants which serves the premium St. Martin beer . One such restaurant is The Classroom. One can avail best alcohol here and unlimited beer at viable prices. So, this season, raise a toast with St. Martin beer at The Classroom.

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